Old stuff is gone; Progress or lack thereof

I can’t access the old Charhut site MySQL database. All of that content is probably lost. That’s okay I guess. Charhut still isn’t really up yet because I can’t figure out how to get stuff on RailsPlayground setup right. I think how it works is that I point my domain to the nameservers and ip they have listed and then everything should work right. All the stuff for FTP and SSH and things all seem to assume that I just connect to charhut.info, put in the password, etc. None of that works because the domain routing doesn’t seem to be working properly, which means I can’t start anything until that works. I sent a ticket to RailsPlayground for advice on how to proceed. Until then I can just keep impatiently tapping my foot. I want to get all this up and running before I continue working on Mahjong SKY because I’m terrible at context switching and working on that while I wait.


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